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After Jackson's Law School, the University of Mississippi, a law school, Robert Whitacre returned to his hometown of Hatisburg, where he established the Whitacre Act (PLLC). Since then, lawyer Whitaker has dealt with hundreds of criminal cases, including DUI's charges, drug charges and all minor and serious crimes.

Established in 2010


DUI's Defense and Criminal Defense Representative, Robert Whitacre, also accepts lawsuits relating to civil suits.

Criminal Defense / DUI Attorney Robert Whitacer is an experienced legal professional who personally takes an interest in each case. A Whitaker lawyer listens to your facts carefully and asks the right questions to put himself in the position. He gets all the police reports and other evidence the government uses for you. After evaluating all the circumstances of the arrest, he will honestly evaluate your case and make efforts to develop the best defense strategy. Officer' There may be a legal issue with or a motion to suppress or exclude evidence due to miscollecting evidence.

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