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Davis-Morris Law Furm, P.A. Law Office is limited to cases where the physically disabled is seeking a disability benefit. For 18 years, we have helped people with social security benefits. We have helped thousands of people in our community who are suffering from serious illnesses, illnesses, and other physical and mental problems and are preventing them from working. There is now an office in Hattisburg, Mississippi and Clinton. We enjoy what we are doing and have an interest in people.

Established in 1992


Angela Davis Morris has graduated from the Southern University of Mississippi and the Legislative College of Mississippi.

I am the president and managing lawyer of Davis Morris Law Farm (PA).   I only practice the Social Security Disability Act.   I enjoy practice, and I feel that the most significant results are related to helping customers receive individual disability benefits. I like my job, and I care about the people who do my job.

National Social Security Requestor ' Representative -   Board of Directors
Social Security Requestor's Fifth Circuit Organization;#39; Representative - President, Speaker
American Legal Association - Lecturer
UM-CLE - Speaker
Sales and Marketing Executive International
Regional Development Partnership -   Ambassador
Mississippi Bar Association
South Central MS Bar Association

Professional Woman of the Year - 2009-10
Presidential Who's Business and Professional Success - 2009/2010
Area Development Partnership/Ambassador 2009
Top 50 Business Women in Mississippi - 2008

Angela D.
business owner